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Discover What’s Uniquely Meaningful for Your Life

Become skillful in working with tools that craft your vision

Translate Your Insight Into a Vision for Your Future

Deepen your ability to communicate authentically

Heal and Transform

Release emotional wounds from the past, and create your path around a sense of higher purpose

Create The Life You Want

Develop the attributes of personal power that reflect who you're meant to be


Manifest Your Vision

Cultivate the qualities self-responsibility, trust in the universe, self- esteem, a positive attitude and the ability to flow with change

Patricia O’Connor, ChFC

Patricia O’Connor, ChFC

”In order to be successful, we must overcome the internal barriers between ourselves and authentic joy and freedom.”

Patricia O’Connor works with clients to “cleanse away” the limiting beliefs and other obstacles that keep us all stuck in toxic or unsatisfying personal or professional relationships: “Then I can help my clients learn the tools they need to move forward in life.”

Empowerment is not simply a matter of learning how to have more; it is a matter of learning how to create what you want. Patricia will direct you through a series of exercises that will uncover what you desire and show you how you can support yourself in fulfilling your dreams.

During the past 20 years, Patricia has taught seminars and advised people throughout the United States on achieving authentic empowerment. She has combined her skills as a financial planner (for many years she worked as a Chartered Financial Consultant) and a personal guide (she is a Certified Empowerment Life Coach).

Patricia’s clients include human resource staffs at prestigious universities, young executives at Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, editors, architects, doctors, authors, and on-air personalities.